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Full Life-cycle API Security Platform

Full Life-cycle API Security Platform

Help Developers Build Secure APIs Faster

  • Automatically creates numerous security tests specific to your application
  • Acts like a 24×7 pen-tester testing complete workflows in the pre-production
  • Cuts down pen-testing and bug bounty budgets
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Full Life-cycle API Security Platform

Runtime Protection Against API Attacks

  • Most comprehensive defense-in-depth run-time protection
  • Protection against unknown business logic flaws, automated attacks and frauds
  • Intelligently Block Threat Actors with Manual & Automated Remediation
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AppSentinels Full Life-cycle API Security


Continuous Discovery & Posture Management

Real Time discovery of API’s, PII/Sensitive data and various attributes of APIs to eliminate all your blind-spots and provide real-time risk posture.


Continuous Stateful API Testing

Shift-lefts AI/ML learnings from production environment to uncover business logic vulnerabilities in your application like your 24×7 pen-tester.


Rapid Detection & Response

Helps SoC team with all the data needed to stop attacks with confidence; Provides deep insights to Developers to remediate security issues


Multi-Layer Protection

Industry’s most comprehensive multi-layered protection to protect your APIs and applications against all unknown and known attacks.

The AppSentinels Way

AppSentinels advance AI/ML models build deep understanding of the application – including workflows, user roles, and the data coming-in & going-out of the APIs. 


Tracks every user for anomalous activity. Identifies adversary progression across attack kill-chain and stops them before they can cause any harm.  


Advance models can train with minimal & anonymized data. Have built-in explain-ability to provide pin-pointed information to Security & Development teams for precise & quick remediation. 

AI Sentinels

Use Cases

Discover API

Discover and Catalogue All APIs

AppSentinels continuously discovers all APIs and various attributes about the APIs to bring you complete visibility of all your API assets.

Discover Sensitive Data

Discover Sensitive Data

AppSentinels track each instance of sensitive and PII data, across all your APIs, to bring you complete visibility of your sensitive data exposu…

Protect API Attack Icons

Protect against API attacks

AppSentinels provides industry’s most comprehensive protection against all unknown and known API attacks via it’s multi-layer defence shield.

Shifts-Left API Testing

Shifts-Left API Testing

AppSentinels shifts-left deep learning of the Application vulnerabilities and actively tests APIs in organization’s CI/CD pipeline to find appli…

Rapid Incident Response

Rapid Incident Response

AppSentinels uses application, and traffic fingerprinting to correlate all events and map those to users or groups behind the attack…

Streamline Compliance Icon

Streamline Compliance Efforts

AppSentinels with it’s API inventory, PII & sensitive data and complete log of all API communication has all the data needed to meet requirements…

Why AppSentinels

APIs largest attack

As per Gartner by 2022, APIs will be largest attack vectors.

API business logic abuses

Existing Solutions like WAF, Application Security Test tools are not effective in stopping API business logic abuses.

Pen-Testing and Bug Bounties

Pen-Testing and Bug Bounties can’t scale to keep pace with Dev Velocity.

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