6 Infamous API Security Breaches: How to Safeguard Your APIs

AppSentinels Platform

AppSentinels supports all application architectures and environments such as monolithic applications, micro-services, kubernetes or serverless; Application hosted on on-prem, cloud or in any hybrid environment.
AppSentinels support multiple dev-ops friendly deployment modes and form-factors for easy and quick onboarding.

Deployment Modes

AppSentinels Architecture Advantage

AppSentinels has three-tier architecture that keeps all critical customer data on-prem and only takes meta-data for processing and analytics.


AppSentinels doesn’t use any agents or code-instrumentation, gets deployed in minutes.


AppSentinels sensors are low-footprint, highly scalable, comes with fail-close/open modes and other enterprise grade features to have *NO* impact on your Applications infrastructure.

AppSentinels SaaS Cloud

AppSentinels Integrates With Your Environment

AppSentinels support multiple integrations to seamlessly fit into your work-stack.

AWS API Gateway, Kong Gateway, NGINX, Kubernetes, Envoy sidecar

Identity Providers:
Auth0, Okta, Ping Identity, MS Azure AD or ADFS

Splunk, Sumo Logic, Exabeam, ELK, Demisto

Ticketing Systems:
JIRA, Git, Pagerduty, Opsgenie

Messaging Systems:
Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat

AppSentinels also publishes it’s APIs for easy custom integrations