Deep dive on PCI DSS 4.0 API Security Requirements

Discover and Catalogue All APIs

AppSentinels continuously discovers all APIs and various attributes about the APIs to bring you complete visibility of all your API assets.

Achieve comprehensive API visibility in real-time

AppSentinels does real-time continuous discovery of all your APIs as and when they are deployed or modified. AppSentinels also discovers details like input and output parameters, data-types, whether parameter is mandatory or optional, or PII/sensitive to give you deepest visibility about your API assets and help you assess your risk exposure.

API life-cycle management via API-Catalogue

AppSentinels provides up-to date and accurate API inventory of your API assets even when your application is changing and evolving. With AppSentinels, you will never be out of sync about your API assets.

Discover API attributes 

AppSentinels discovers not just APIs endpoints but discovers various attributes about the APIs. This allows you to apply appropriate security controls to improve your security posture. You can control if you want to allow shadow APIs, or block forgotten APIs, or apply a different rate-limit to admin APIs.

Discover Application Risk Score

Discover risk associated with every single API in terms of its exposure, likelihood and impact. Know how your application risk is changing over time as your APIs evolve. Helps you in prioritizing your response and improve your team’s efficiency.

Discover Apis

Discover Sensitive Data

AppSentinels track each instance of sensitive and PII data, across all your APIs, to bring you complete visibility of your sensitive data exposure and help you reduce your risk and accelerate compliance audits.

Discover sensitive data
Three-layer NLP Engine Based Sensitive Data Discovery

AppSentinels uses a three-layer NLP based data classification engine to have low false-positives and high accuracy.

Supports country or region specific data discovery

AppSentinels has country or region-specific recognizers. It comes shipped with over 60 out-of-the-box recognizers to get you started immediately.

Support custom sensitive data

AppSentinels support custom sensitive data discovery. You can add your own custom recognizers to identify all your custom sensitive data exposure.

Runtime Protection against API attacks

AppSentinels provides industry’s most comprehensive protection against all unknown and known API attacks via it’s multi-layer defence shield.
Protection from Unknown Business Logic Attacks

AppSentinels provides run-time protection against business logic attacks using its numerous AI/ML models. These models build deep understanding of the applicable behavior and monitors application usage. Because of the deep visibility and understanding of the context of the application behaviour, AppSentinels is able to catch and blocks any adversary activity that are blind-spots of current generation security products.

Positive API Security via Schema Enforcement

AppSentinels provides positive security enforcement to APIs by taking action against API’s not conforming to OpenAPI schema. You have an option to provide schema from your CI/CD pipeline or use the schema generated by AppSentinels.

Protection from known attacks (OWASP Web Top-10)

AppSentinels provides protection against known attacks via it’s ng-WAF. Using Industry’s well-known Core Rule Set, AppSentinels provides protection against attack techniques like SQL-Injection, Cross-Site scripting (XSS), Command and File Injection, Server-Side Request Forgery etc.

Find all API misconfigurations and vulnerabilities

AppSentinels does multiple checks on APIs to provide complete insights of API misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. It checks for authentication mechanisms, token use, various header fields, cookies etc to identify and report vulnerabilities of your APIs and helps you improve your security posture.

Protect API Attacks

Shifts-Left API Testing

AppSentinels shifts-left deep learning of the Application vulnerabilities and actively tests APIs in organization’s CI/CD pipeline to find application security issues including business logic exploits early in cycle via industry’s first Intelligent Stateful DAST.
API Test Platform
Uncovers Hard to find business logic issues
Combined with insights of API attributes and user behaviours, AppSentinels identifies difficult to find high-priority vulnerabilities that approaches such as manual penetration testing can easily miss.
Helps Remediate business logic issues before they come to Production
AppSentinels test tool integrates with your CI/CD pipeline to deliver safe code to production. Never deploy code bypassing security tests and keep your security posture fully protected even as application evolves.
Prioritize issues that hackers can exploit

Unlike SAST/DAST tools that delivers more noise and have low efficacy, AppSentinels with insights from production environment, identifies issues that matter the most and can be exploited by hackers. Reduce the noise, improve efficacy and improve your teams efficiency.

Rapid Incident Response

AppSentinels uses application, and traffic fingerprinting to correlate all events and map those to users or groups behind the attack. This provide SecOps team comprehensive view of all attacker activity and allows them to respond with accuracy and confidence.
Consolidate activities of adversary to provide unified attack view

AppSentinels correlates all activities from the same user across various IPs, giving operations teams a clear view of stage of the attack and techniques used by the adversary.

Reduce alerts and false positives
Using the correlation, AppSentinels can distinguish attacker behaviour from other legitimate users, thereby avoiding false positives.
Rapid Incident Response

Streamline Compliance Efforts

AppSentinels with it’s API inventory, PII & sensitive data and complete log of all API communication has all the data needed to meet requirements of compliance or regulation standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR etc.
Stream Compliance
Updated API Inventory
The AppSentinels platform does real-time continuous discovery of the APIs, creates detailed and updated inventory of the APIs used by the application. Organizations will never be out of touch with API information auditors like to check.
Updated API Documentation
The AppSentinels platform provides updated API documentation including endpoints and insights on parameters helping in information auditors validate.
Abreast Sensitive data exposure
The AppSentinels platform provides real-time up-to-date insights on the sensitive data exposed by the application to help meet data protection and compliance requirements like PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR etc.