Deep dive on PCI DSS 4.0 API Security Requirements

Shift-Left API Testing​

AppSentinels shift-left deep learning of the Application vulnerabilities and actively tests APIs in organization’s CI/CD pipeline to find application security issues including business logic exploits early in cycle via industry’s first Intelligent Stateful DAST.
Uncovers Hard to find business logic issues
Combined with insights of API attributes and user behaviours, AppSentinels identifies difficult to find high-priority vulnerabilities that approaches such as manual penetration testing can easily miss.
Helps Remediate business logic issues before they come to Production
AppSentinels test tool integrates with your CI/CD pipeline to deliver safe code to production. Never deploy code bypassing security tests and keep your security posture fully protected even as application evolves.
Prioritize issues that hackers can exploit

Unlike SAST/DAST tools that delivers more noise and have low efficacy, AppSentinels with insights from production environment, identifies issues that matter the most and can be exploited by hackers. Reduce the noise, improve efficacy and improve your teams efficiency.