Deep dive on PCI DSS 4.0 API Security Requirements
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Full Life-cycle API Security Platform

AppSentinels supports all application architectures and environments such as monolithic applications, micro-services, Kubernetes or serverless; Application hosted on on-prem, cloud or in any hybrid environment.

  • 360° Continuous Discovery
  • Intelligent Stateful API Test Platform
  • AI Powered Multi-Layered Defence Shield
  • Rapid Detection & Response
AI Sentinels

The AppSentinels Way

AppSentinels feed various signals and inputs into it’s numerous ML models to identify any anomalous activity by an adversary. It tracks adversaries’ progression across various stage of attacks and stops them before they can cause any harm.

As every application is unique, AppSentinels ML Models are built to train with minimal & anonymized data and has built-in explain-ability to provide accurate pin-pointed information to Security & Development teams for faster remediation.

AppSentinels Architecture Advantage

AppSentinels has three-tier architecture that keeps all critical customer data on-prem and only takes meta-data for processing and analytics.


AppSentinels doesn’t use any agents or code-instrumentation, gets deployed in minutes.


AppSentinels sensors are low-footprint, highly scalable, comes with fail-close/open modes and other enterprise grade features to have *NO* impact on your Applications infrastructure.

AppSentinels SaaS Cloud

AppSentinels Integrates With Your Environment

AppSentinels support multiple integrations to seamlessly fit into your work-stack.

AWS API Gateway, Kong Gateway, NGINX, Kubernetes, Envoy sidecar

Identity Providers:
Auth0, Okta, Ping Identity, MS Azure AD or ADFS

Splunk, Sumo Logic, Exabeam, ELK, Demisto

Ticketing Systems:
JIRA, Git, Pagerduty, Opsgenie

Messaging Systems:
Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat

AppSentinels also publishes it’s APIs for easy custom integrations