Deep dive on PCI DSS 4.0 API Security Requirements

Runtime Protection against API attacks

AppSentinels provides industry’s most comprehensive protection against all unknown and known API attacks via it’s multi-layer defence shield.
Protection from Unknown Business Logic Attacks

AppSentinels provides run-time protection against business logic attacks using its numerous AI/ML models. These models build deep understanding of the applicable behavior and monitors application usage. Because of the deep visibility and understanding of the context of the application behaviour, AppSentinels is able to catch and blocks any adversary activity that are blind-spots of current generation security products.

Positive API Security via Schema Enforcement

AppSentinels provides positive security enforcement to APIs by taking action against API’s not conforming to OpenAPI schema. You have an option to provide schema from your CI/CD pipeline or use the schema generated by AppSentinels.

Protection from known attacks (OWASP Web Top-10)

AppSentinels provides protection against known attacks via it’s ng-WAF. Using Industry’s well-known Core Rule Set, AppSentinels provides protection against attack techniques like SQL-Injection, Cross-Site scripting (XSS), Command and File Injection, Server-Side Request Forgery etc.


Find all API misconfigurations and vulnerabilities

AppSentinels does multiple checks on APIs to provide complete insights of API misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. It checks for authentication mechanisms, token use, various header fields, cookies etc to identify and report vulnerabilities of your APIs and helps you improve your security posture.

Protect API Attacks