Deep dive on PCI DSS 4.0 API Security Requirements

API Security Buyer's Guide

In the digital age, business leaders see software teams as core to the business and demand them to innovate faster in response to market and competitive demands. Organizations are on the path of fast iteration – experimenting with new products or features, gauging customer feedback, adopting or dropping, and moving to the next thing. The pace of change is not an option but existential for organizations. Organizations that can adapt will gain market shares, and organizations that cannot will cease to exist. 


In response to this need, engineering leaders are constantly looking at ways to make software delivery faster and better. Application architectures have evolved with major shifts like Agile delivery, Micro-services architectures, Cloud/SaaS instead of static infrastructure, etc. Engineering and Security leaders are working hard to keep up with the pace but are not expected to slow down even if they are unprepared or have blind spots.   

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