Deep dive on PCI DSS 4.0 API Security Requirements
Application Security for Cloud Native Applications

Application Security for Cloud Native Applications

In the digital age, business leaders see software teams as core to the business and are demanding them to innovate faster in response to market and competitive demands. Organizations are on path of fast iteration – experimenting with new products or features, gauge customer feedback, adopt or drop and move to the next thing. The pace of change is not an option but existential for organizations. Organizations that can adapt will gain market shares and organizations that cannot, will cease to exist.
In response to the need, engineering leaders are constantly looking at ways to make software delivery faster and better. Application architectures have evolved as a result with major shifts like-
  • Monolithic architectures to Micro-services design patterns
  • Mostly internally developed services to higher use of open-sources and 3rd party services.
  • Pre-provisioned static infrastructure to cost optimized Pay-As-You-Go shared cloud infrastructure.
  • From waterfall releases to agile mode of development and rapid deployments multiple times a day, further different deployment strategies like Blue-Green, Canary etc.
  • Docker and Kubernetes simplifying deployments by improving connectivity between components and elastically scale applications based on the usage trends.
  • Clients have also evolved. With mobile being primary access mechanism and with adoption of single page applications.

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